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Exceptional quality wall décor products at affordable prices.

Working with best in class brands that include Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Warner Music and the Natural History Museum, Eyecandy have completed many bespoke projects collaborating with a range of interior designers and architects that have included hotels, head offices and showroom environments.

Eyecandy also produce work for an ever-increasing portfolio of professional photographers that have included David Bailey and the late Lord Litchfield, and continue to support up-and-coming photographers and artists.

Latest technology and modern environment needed to showcase portfolio

In order to showcase their impressive portfolio of photography, Eyecandy embarked upon a project to set up a dedicated meeting room within their offices to showcase their work to potential new clients. they hoped to create the ‘wow’ factor which would mean installing the latest Av equipment, bespoke furniture and stylish décor.

Mark Blackburn, Managing Director of Eyecandy says, “this was an extremely important project for us. Demonstrating our work in an impressive environment would provide clients with the comfort they need when considering using our services. We also wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition and we felt that a high tech, modern showcase environment was one of the ways to achieve this.”

Indigo Forward the complete package from design to supply to installation

Eyecandy reviewed a number of suppliers in their search for a company who could offer a complete package for their budget including design solutions and service promise. After a successful meeting with indigo and a detailed plan of the project including details of the design, delivery and installation of the project, Indigo was awarded the contract to design and build 32 meeting rooms for Eyecandy.

“We chose to work with indigo as they offer a total solution from room and system design integration, to bespoke furniture and interactive technologies,” continues Mark.

“Indigo’s installation charter also gave us confidence that they would form a great partnership with us and it was key to our project that we worked alongside a trusted company for the duration of the project.”

A meeting room transformed

The Eyecandy meeting room has now been transformed into an impressive space to hold client meetings and deliver presentations. the ability to showcase previous projects has proved a great way to win new business.

Mark concludes, “It is great to have a flexible space within our office to really demonstrate our full capabilities and we have enjoyed working with Indigo on this exciting project. they provided a level of knowledge, expertise and fresh, innovative ideas that supported their latest technology product offering brilliantly.

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