The UK’s premier provider of foreign exchange and cash deposit services.

Established in 1998, HiFX launched the first online international money transfer service with live exchange rates and no hidden fees.

Working with over 40,000 private individuals each year and approximately 2500 corporate clients worldwide managing their foreign exchange and currency needs, HiFX offers both companies and private individuals significantly better exchange rates and exceptional service. operations span both the northern and southern hemispheres and the workforce of over 200 employees.

High quality video conferencing essential For global virtual meetings

Operating across Europe, New Zealand and Australia has meant that HiFX have become well versed in the use of video conferencing solutions to help them save time, money and resource when collaborating with overseas colleagues. the cost savings are clear and video conferencing has always been used when possible to improve efficiency.

However, in recent times the amount of staff travel has started to increase as individuals were becoming frustrated with the poor quality of their video conferencing facilities and had started to favour face-to-face meetings, particularly for new business discussions.

“With an increasing need to hold conferences in other countries, effective video conferencing plays an important part in successful communication,” comments Laurence Butcher, CEO of HiFX. “in addition to a noticeably reduced use of the existing facility by our staff for internal communication purposes, we were noticing a reduction in the quality of our video conferences and unreliable network connections were also causing us problems. it was time to conduct a review of our existing equipment and service provider.”

Appropriate network considered in tandem with equipment upgrade

HiFX searched the market and following a number of meetings with various suppliers, it was Indigo Forward that really demonstrated that it was not only a requirement to upgrade the existing vc units used by HiFX, but to ensure the appropriate network was considered in tandem. upgrading equipment without considering network requirements can sometimes result in a wasted investment.

Upon recommendation from indigo, HiFX selected goview, a reservationless, on-demand, virtual meeting space providing all the advantages of superior video quality combined with a ‘pay as you use’ pricing policy, based on the video conferencing requirements of the individual business.

In addition, HiFX chose govideoISDN from Indigo Forward, a switch based network support service for ISDN connectivity, which can reduce call rates by up to 60%. govideoISDN also gives customers access to a support desk of qualified video network engineers, available to trouble shoot the call during the connection, ensuring connectivity is achieved on an alternative network in even the most remote of locations.

goview and govideoISDN were tHe way Forward For HiFX

The proposed products and solutions from Indigo Forward were all recommended in line with the budget set by HiFX. Indigo handled the transition over to govideoISDN which meant registering ISDN lines with Indigo and programming IDA codes into video end points before HiFX were fully up and running with their new facility.

“Indigo Forward have delivered an excellent project at HiFX, ensuring that we have high quality video conferencing at our fingertips. We have noticed a remarkable increase in the use of our video conference rooms and a reduction in staff travel.”

Laurence concludes, “the goview service is very straightforward to book and set up and we are confident that we will deliver a professional conference each and every time that we use the service, due to the peace of mind that we have been given by indigo. We look forward to working with indigo in the future who can offer the scalability and flexibility we need as our business grows.”

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