Vibrant, forward thinking law firm

Verisona is a vibrant forward thinking law firm offering both broad and niche legal services to businesses and individual clients from offices at Portsmouth, Havant and Waterlooville.

Verisona’s clients come from across a spectrum of commerce ranging from multi national companies to sole traders, to individuals in their personal and family affairs and professionals in the worlds of sport and entertainment.

Efficient audio conferencing service vital for client satisfaction

Verisona pride themselves on delivering effective results on time and to a high standard. reviews are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that clients are receiving value for money and that all efforts are being taken to minimise the costs of delivering a superior service.

The use of audio conferencing within the business is heavily relied upon in order to communicate effectively, connect and share information amongst Verisona’s multiple offices. Documents are shared and contracts reviewed where necessary via a conferencing facility.

A timely approach from Indigo Forward

Whilst the use of this facility within Verisona was generally working well, a review highlighted that a certain amount of resource within the business had been allocated to the management of the internal conferencing facility. These staff members were responsible for ensuring the conference facility ran smoothly and were available to answer queries from end users whenever they presented themselves.

A timely approach from Indigo Forward led to an interesting meeting where Verisona were shown the benefits of using Indigo’s gocall and gomeet service, a toll and toll free audio conferencing service offering 24/7 x 365 customer support. With the current use of internal resources in mind, it was obvious that the service from Indigo Forward would free up the time currently taken to manage the service. A review of the cost differential also highlighted that Indigo were able to offer an enhanced service at a better price.

“Whilst we weren’t necessarily unhappy with our internal facility we were very impressed with the support that we would receive from Indigo Forward and it was an easy decision to make the transition to an external supplier,’ says Verisona’s Chief Executive.

Cost and rescue savings across the business

Now, with fewer internal audio conferencing queries and a reduced spend on the service, Verisona continue to save money on travel costs incurred getting to and from client meetings and have freed up internal resources.

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