October is upon us, and this means the weather will be changing rapidly. Many are hoping for some snow this year, but we all know the impact this can have on roads, school closures and the travel delays. We understand that you can’t put work on hold because of the snowy conditions, however, getting everyone together for meetings can be a serious problem with icy roads and transport delays. We’re here to help…

Now’s the perfect time to use your Indigo Forward govirtual account, or if you don’t have one, open one today - Whether you want a simple point to point video conference, or a multipoint conference with 27 other participants joining from room based systems, laptops, smart phones, tablets or via an audio call, govirtual enables true flexibility.

To find out more about govirtual and how it can keep you connected this winter, click here

If you do need to travel, take care, be prepared and remember to check the latest weather warnings before you set out.