For so long a place of boredom, dread and even horror, the boardroom has always been a place to be avoided. Yet virtual meeting software is creating a new and brighter future for the beastly boardroom. Gone are the endless piles of paper, replaced by on screen documents that everyone can read. Meetings can be a time for enhanced collaboration between your staff, rather than a quick nap. See six reasons to adopt virtual meeting software in your business:

1.Paperless Meetings


Before virtual meeting technology, boardrooms were a paper-filled horror. These important documents took hours for the admin team to prepare, and were painful for any member to navigate through. The result was that the information was difficult to absorb and collaboration was almost impossible. With software like Indigo Forward’s Govirtual, however, comes the paperless meeting. The benefits of going paperless are numerous. A great deal of time is saved by not needing staff to prepare board packs for the meeting, and equally the meeting itself can run much more smoothly if participants don’t have to keep searching through these packs for the relevant documents. Paperless meetings are also a much more secure option, as you do not need to worry about sensitive information leaving the boardroom. Finally, going paperless in your business is a great way to help tackle sustainability issues.

2.Increased Collaboration

A corollary of having a paperless meeting is increased collaboration and creativity within the boardroom. With virtual meeting software, relevant documents can be viewed by each party on personal screens without having to sift through endless paper. They can then make annotations on the documents or ask questions which can be reviewed by all members. This is a great way of engaging employees, ensuring you get the best out of them and maybe even some new ideas.

3.Reduced Travel Costs

Attending meetings can be very costly in both time and money, especially if you have lots of international clients. Having staff out of the office for hours or days at a time has a negative impact on productivity and mood in the office. With meeting software you don’t need to travel hundreds of miles to visit clients; it can all be done from your own office, or even your own desk. This will save your company a great deal of money, and improve its carbon footprint.


Rather than having to schedule a meeting weeks in advance, with software you can have greatly enhanced flexibility. Online virtual meeting room software like govirtual is an on demand service available whenever you need it. Indeed, you can even use it from the comfort of your own desk, and can connect with a number of different devices like smartphones and tablets on different networks including Private IPs, Public Internet, ISDN or a phone. This increased flexibility will benefit staff greatly, who will probably relish not having to be dragged into the boardroom for every meeting.

5.Save Space

Flexible meeting spaces also means more people can be included in a meeting without having a huge room to fit them. govirtual allows for up to 28 video participants, so you can comfortably hold meetings with a number of clients without having to make space for all of them onsite. If you don’t have space for a meeting room, you can use a desktop solution or one of our 3500 virtual meeting rooms located around the globe.

6.Increased Dialogue With Clients

With less travel costs and an incredibly flexible mode of communication, the relationship with your clients will inevitably improve. With virtual meeting room software, you can develop a conference culture with clients and remote staff, utilising this system to stay in regular contact. Your clients will feel they are getting greater value out of the relationship, and you will avoid the costly problems that arise from miscommunication in the boardroom.

Traditional paper-filled boardroom meetings have been banished to the past. Virtual meeting room software will enhance collaboration and communication between your clients and your staff in the boardroom and save your business time and money.