Sales Management refers to the managerial activity that creates the climate and the context to engage and motivate both individuals and teams towards higher performance and productivity.

Managers and supervisors have to know how to handle a variety of job performance issues with confidence and skill and frequently in the modern world, this is aided greatly with the use of online tools, such as Video Conferencing. A face to face meeting, whether in the same room, or over a video conference, can greatly improve the connection between employee and employer, as well as the understanding of the sales management subject.

Introducing a management model, where coaching is conducted online, over video conferencing, means that there is never a situation where you can’t call on your manager for help, or reach your employee/team to offer some guidance. Indigo Forward’s govirtual IDC service enables businesses to offer real-time support to their employees, wherever they are, any time of the day.

‘Anytime coaching’ is the way forward - to find out more about Indigo Forward’s govirtual IDC or other services we offer, please contact our sales team on 0800 032 3621 or email