Many large corporations are always looking for ways to train their staff globally with minimal costs incurred. Screen sharing is an innovative way to collaborate with individuals instantly across the globe.

Don’t know what screen sharing is? Let us explain.

Screen sharing gives anyone the opportunity to view another person’s desktop in real time.

Why is this good for training? Imagine you have a new piece of software you are rolling out to different office locations. The easiest way to explain to staff how to use it, is by showing them the step-by-step process. But ensuring this is done correctly does come with its challenges.

With Indigo Forward’s govirtual IDC and gocall solutions, you are able to take control by talking to anyone in the world, at any time, with the ability to share what’s on your desktop.

You just need to get the presentation or software up onto your screen and go through the process, while others view it on the internet and listen over the telephone. As long as the viewer has a screen and internet connection, they are good to go.

Do you have hundreds of people you need to roll this out to at once? In different time zones? Or maybe you want to show this to new starters at some point down the line? With Indigo Forward’s solution, you have the ability to stream live or record your conference and keep it for future use.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! We designed this solution to make our customer’s lives easier and for a minimal cost.

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