Virtual meetings using Polycom’s latest video conferencing camera will feel ‘more in-person than ever,’ according to a recent press release from the conferencing company. The new Polycom EagleEye Director II, released in March, features a host of exciting innovations that will help remote users feel and participate as if they are in the same room as their colleagues.

Automatic zoom

The Polycom EagleEye Director II certainly lives up to its name. Just like the eponymous eagle, it has the ability to zoom in and focus on its subject from afar, with impressive accuracy and speed. (It can zoom 32 metres within 3 seconds, to be precise.)

Polycom’s latest video conferencing camera is also intelligent, automatically recognising, picking out and directing its focus at whoever is speaking at the time. If somebody else joins the discussion, the EagleEye Director II is clever enough to pan out and include them in the shot. There’s no need for manual adjustment; everything it does is automated.

And to give you the experience of really ‘being there’ in the meeting, you’re not limited to a view of one person at a time. While you have a close-up of the current speaker, the camera also displays a picture-in-picture view of the entire room. So you won’t miss out on those all-important body language cues that are such an important component of a face-to-face meeting. With superior video quality and up-close views, remote participants can also clearly observe everyone’s facial expressions.

No distractions

Meetings ideally require everyone’s full and focused attention. But with manually operated conferencing cameras, it’s not always that simple. Speakers preoccupied with remaining in shot and colleagues distracted by the operation of the camera’s remote control cannot always concentrate fully on the matters at hand.

The EagleEye Director II changes all of that. Its full automation means no more fiddly distractions; you can get on with your meeting and focus on your business objectives without worrying about camera angles. A highly intuitive and user-friendly product, it allows you to forget about the technology and concentrate on your colleagues.

Data analytics

In addition to its intelligent automation and professional-quality visuals, Polycom’s latest offering boasts impressive data reports to help you keep your operations streamlined. The EagleEye Director II offers advanced data analytics that enable companies to monitor their meeting room usage. It tracks the participation of every registered delegate to give businesses a record of which rooms were used and for how long. This powerful feature allows you to get the best return on investment by ensuring that your meeting room resources are allocated efficiently.

Get the in-person experience in your virtual meetings

The Polycom EagleEye Director II is available to customers using the company’s RealPresence Group Series version 6.1. If you would like to find out more about this exciting new video conferencing innovation and how it could benefit your company, contact us at Indigo Forward by emailing or call the team on 0800 032 3621.