Noting everything down during a meeting can be difficult. Even with a minute taker, there are still chances that certain points could be missed. Although meeting face-to-face is preferred by a lot of people, there are key benefits that video conferencing software offers that meetings, without any technology does not.

Indigo Forward’s govirtual IDC solution gives you the opportunity to record and save any meeting you have over its platform. You can then download the meeting as a file, or share it via a web link with anyone you wish.

This feature ties in well with screen sharing. You could be showing the attendees a document over video and then, rather than them spending the duration of the call taking notes, you can send them a copy of the meeting, following the call, for them to refer back to. These features are also great for sales training calls as the trainee can look back at their meeting and see what worked, or where they went wrong.

The best part about govirtual IDC is that it is completely web based. No need to spend fortunes on hardware. You just need a computer, webcam, microphone and internet connection.

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