A corporate meeting facility that simplifies the end user’s experience, allowing you to join from any endpoint, anywhere

With new trends in visual communications redefining the way we collaborate, organisations must be empowered to produce better results, faster, to stay ahead of the competition.

govirtual-IDC ScreenFollowing high customer-demand for easier virtual meeting connectivity, Indigo Forward has launched it’s new govirtual-IDC service to provide a meeting service where participants do not need to stipulate the meeting method.

The service allows clients to send out meeting invitations with connectivity for internet browser, video room systems, mobile devices, Microsoft & audio conferencing access methods, using the same PIN number entry

Due to the simplicity of using WebRTC from an internet browser, businesses may consider their options going forward, when equipping small to medium sized video conferencing rooms. The deployment of PC’s and high quality ‘pan,tilt & zoom’ USB webcams can be a cost-effective alternative to deploying video conferencing room systems - changing meeting cultures forevermore. Buy what you need, pay as you go, or pay as you grow – you decide!

govirtual-IDC is a fully ‘MiFID II’ compliant, video and recording solution; Developed to support Financial Institutions and Financial Advisory firms with new regulations imposed on them to prevent market abuse, strengthen investor protection, increase transparency and re-establish trust from the consumers.

govirtual-IDC flexible pricing model offers:

  • Annual service licences registration fee’s from as low as £4.95 per month per user
  • Flexible usage models for high & low video conferencing users
  • Fair pricing model (Usage based on monthly true-up) – Unique in the market
  • Upgradable user accounts and feature options applicable to any licence
  • govirtual-IDC is a bolt-on service to Indigo Forward’s gocall audio conferencing service, or can be purchased separately to integrate with your audio conferencing solution

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