At Indigo we provide the necessary building blocks to deliver a network totally suited to your needs.

We provide you with an efficient service and deal with all your requirements on your behalf.

Having built genuine relationships with our clients we are always keen to hear from them and learn how we can help improve our service. Interestingly, over the past few years we noticed a marked increase in the number of customers who expressed a desire to deal with only one supplier; rather than having to negotiate with a number of different distributers. To help fulfil this desire, whilst ensuring our clients still have access to the most cost effective solution; we act as the bridge between supplier and customer. Meaning customers deal with only one supplier whilst still taking advantage of the best deals available on the market.

Private Data Networks allow you to: connect up two or more offices/sites and scale up over time, run voice (VoIP) and video without interruption, secure your Wide Area Network as you do your Local Area Network and regularly back up large amounts of data.

  • MPLS –Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • VPLS Virtual Private Lan Service
  • Next Generation Ethernet
  • Point to Point Connectivity (up to 1Gb)
  • Next Generation DSL


The internet is a critical business application, an essential business tool. It needs to be reliable, fast and low cost with solutions flexible enough to suit each customer's individual needs.

Our managed internet offering provides a proactive, responsive and reliable service. Appreciating the importance of having a consistently robust internet service, we offer a 24 hour service, available any time to offer support either virtually or on-site.

Consultancy Planning & Delivery Services

At Indigo Forward we are able to offer a reliable network that is tailored to your needs. By precisely analysing your variables, including how much bandwidth you use as well as how much data your employees require; our team are able to offer you a seamless transition to your new network that will include VoIP, video conferencing and ISDN networks, this includes:
  • Network Health Check
  • Network Capacity Planning
  • Network Design
  • Network Management
  • Network Migration Strategies
  • Training
  • Infrastructure Reviews

When a problem occurs and it inevitably will at some stage, you need to know that you can identify it, report it and deal with it without delay.

This is an area that at Indigo Forward we take great pride in. With a team of specialised engineers who are consistently on call, we can offer remote and on-site support in the event of any technology challenges. Our engineers are trained, experienced and will integrate into your team; acting as a liaison and a project manager to ensure your problem is fixed efficiently and effectively.

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