Voice (CPS), Line Rental Services, PBX Maintenance, Maintenance Support Contracts, Telephony Hardware and Hosted VoIP services.

All your communications services can be managed in one place by a business that is manufacturer independent and carrier neutral

From this unbiased approach, Indigo are best placed to help you achieve the most from your telecommunication services. A combination of our experience, established relationships and our carefully selected Tier 1 carriers and manufacturers, means we have access to the highest quality products and networks, enabling us to deliver tangible benefits including cost savings, reliability and improved quality.

We recognise that service, supply and reliability are just as important as the price you pay, so we only recommend trusted networks and hardware manufacturers to our customers.

Indigo's voice offering delivers a choice of call routing options, competitive pricing and reliable networks, giving you consistently high quality calls. As well as providing voice calls, we can transfer and maintain your line rental services and offer a complete range of analogue and ISDN lines.

When taking on a new client we firstly carry out an initial assessment followed by a full audit. This audit will precisely detail current challenges and how our team can help a business attain its business objectives. Only when a business is fully satisfied with our report and suggestions do we seamlessly migrate the billing and maintenance, with minimal lost time to your business.

Drawing upon our experience and industry insight we offer a safe way of managing all of your telecommunications. As an utterly independent body and employing a team who are consistently networking in the market place, we are able to recommend a range of trusted suppliers whose service is reliable, cost effective and of the highest quality.

As well as providing voice calls we can transfer and maintain your line rental services, as well as offering a complete range of analogue and ISDN lines. Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we are able to create tailor-made plans that still boast competitive call plans.

Our passion is to understand our client's business needs and find a future-proof technology match.

At Indigo Forward we are able to supply all of the hardware your business will need as well as offering our own expert engineers to install and fit out your new fixtures, helping to minimise down-time and proactively ensure your new infrastructure works seamlessly.

Ask us about:

  • PBX solutions
  • Conference MCUs
  • IP and Digital Phones
  • SIP Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Headsets
  • Wireless
  • Turret Solutions

Hosted VoIP is one of the most powerful ways to make your business more agile and save you money.

VoIP is a relatively recent addition to the market that offers an agile solution for businesses. A completely digital operation, that allows for the management of your entire phone system online. It is flexible, adaptable and helps companies reduce costs whilst still maintaining that exceptional sound quality. With a range of packages available to suit different requirements; our team can quickly and efficiently move companies over to the cloud. Not only that, but we also provide a constant network monitoring service which prevents fraud whilst ensuring a consistent level of service.

Maintenance of your systems is paramount to the smooth operation of your business.

Thanks to the international arm of our company - the Indigo International Support Network (IISN) – we are able to efficiently deliver and fit spare parts worldwide. Open twenty four hours a day and with a rapid response rate we are able to help businesses quickly and effectively deal with their AV challenges; so as to minimise lost time. With a dedicated team of experts; we can work as an outsourced member of your team; project managing the entire operation and ensuring you receive the right piece as well as arranging for an engineer to come for the fit out.
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